This dog is not to be trusted.

Yes, he looks cute, doesn't he?  Don't let that innocent look fool you.  He is, in fact, a Puppy of Mass Destruction.

This evening, we came home from dinner to find Fred in the midst of what looked to be a cooking experiment gone awry.  He had removed a 5 lb. bag of flour and two one-pound bags of powdered sugar from the kitchen counter and liberally applied them to the dining room carpet.

When we saw the snowy scene, all eyes turned as one toward the culprit, who was standing on the sofa bright  eyed and eager, whiskers full of flour, slowly wagging his stub of a tail as he gauged our reactions.

Last week, it was a loaf of bread torn open in the living room.  We later found that he had secreted parts of the loaf in various places throughout the room for later consumption.  There was some behind the television and still more under a sofa pillow.  He triumphantly presented a wet chunk to my husband several hours after we thought we had cleaned it all up.  Fred is nothing if not generous.

Fortunately, flour and sugar, while impressively messy, are not toxic to dogs and are relatively easily vacuumed up.  Our trust issues, however, will take longer to resolve.


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