We're off to see the Wizard...er... oncologist

Today, I saw the oncologist. We are in the process of staging my cancer.  Sounds kind of like a Broadway show, only not as much fun.  So far, it’s looking like a Stage III or Stage IV low grade follicular lymphoma, which David says sounds like a hairy kind of a cancer.  As you can see, we’re all trying to maintain our sense of humor here.

There was talk about antibody treatments, stem cell therapy, chemo, markers… I don’t care for the lingo and I don’t want to learn it, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.  It appears as though I, the woman who could never learn a foreign language, is about to become fluent, or at least conversant in Cancer.

I have added two more appointments to my burgeoning social calendar.  I’ll have a bone marrow biopsy this coming Thursday and a PET scan on Saturday.  That cuts into the middle of my girl camping trip this weekend, but we’ll work around that.  Priorities.

The oncologist tells me there is an 80% survival rate at 5 years across the board for patients with this type of cancer, but he says it’s not unreasonable to hope for way more than that.  I do.  From what I understand, there is no "cure" for this type of cancer. Instead, I will probably go into remission and then at some point in the future, there is a likelihood of recurrence. I told the doctor that I have a 17 year old daughter at home, and that I wanted to attend her wedding someday and hold her child in my arms.  It’s good to have goals. J


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