Welcome to Crazytown. The Queen is in...a mood.

So, what do you do for fun after chemo?  If you're me, you go on a crazy cleaning jag.  You also get very cranky because somebody used your Swiffer vac and then instead of plugging it back into the charger in the closet, they stuck it out in the garage to die a quiet death.  I don't want to know who did it, because then I would have to kill them.  And since it is quite likely to be someone who lives here, I really don't want to do that.  I'm kind of attached to these folks.

So, instead of killing anyone, you (me) drag out the vacuum cleaner, mumbling under your breath about people who never put anything back where it belongs and why am I the only one who can ever remember where something goes in this house. Then, you (me) proceed to vacuum the entire downstairs, wet Swiffer the kitchen floor, dust everything in sight, water the plants, spray Febreeze on the spot where the dog always pees, light some Yankee candles and eat two cookies.  In the interest of self-preservation, of course.  You are, of course, doing all of this so that if you do get nauseous, your house will be nice and clean for it.  Because nausea likes a clean house, and besides, if you have to look at a messy house, you will assuredly become nauseous. You also drink lots of fluids because it's not good for the chemo drugs to sit in your bladder for any length of time.  Of course, since you (me) are nearly fifty, you tend to pee eighty times a day anyway, so there is little danger of this.  Just thinking about peeing makes you have to pee.  Hold on - I'll be right back.

Anyhow, you also stop by the hair salon to hug your friend and then go next door to the nail salon to make an appointment to have your acrylics soaked off because you're pretty sure your new schedule is going to be keeping you pretty busy.  You invite the girls over to play cards tonight, hoping you are not going to be sick by then.  You also hope you are not going to be sick tomorrow when the surgeon takes out your stitches, which is totally gross and would probably make you a little queasy even without chemo.  You admire your needle-free arm and think you are starting to look like a junkie. You're not really sure what a junkie's arm looks like, having only seen one on TV, but you are pretty sure it looks something like your own arm. You think about how much you are going to enjoy taking a shower without first covering your arm in plastic wrap.

You blog a little, and admire your own sense of humor.

Focused prayer requests:

  • no nausea
  • no nausea during suture removal
  • no nausea


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