Say WHAT???

I woke up this morning with a full-blown case of something or other.  Throat hurting, ears hurting, sinuses burning.  Yuck.  Although I am prone lately to thinking that every little twinge I feel is caused by chemo or cancer or both, I was pretty sure this was just regular old sinusitis.  Which is sort of a comfort.

I called the oncologist's office to ask if I could take some over the counter cold medicine, and to my surprise, Dr. Naidu got on the phone himself!  Wow - calling the doctor's office and having him get on the phone is like calling the North Pole and having Santa talk to you!  Maybe there's an up side to this whole cancer thing!  

So, we chatted a bit, Dr. Naidu and I.  Yes, this is probably "regular" sick as opposed to cancer sick, and yes, I can certainly take some Tylenol Cold.  Good to know.  He wants to know how I've been feeling, and I tell him about my brief 15-hour nap after shopping on Saturday.  He asks if I've finished my course of Prednisone yet and I tell him no, that today is my last day.  He says "Well, once you are finished with the Predinisone, you will probably notice that you have less energy."  WHAT???  Less energy than someone who TOOK A 15 HOUR NAP AFTER A TRIP TO THE MALL?  Are you KIDDING me?

I'm trying to picture what less energy than that will look like, and I really can't.  I already despise the lack of energy I am feeling now.  I don't like not doing things.  I want to be doing things.  I need to be doing things.  Christmas is coming, darn it, and I HAVE THINGS THAT MUST GET DONE!

And the very instant that I have this thought, God speaks softly to me, saying "I have already done everything important that has to do with Christmas.  I did it a long time ago.  All you need to do is accept my gift and celebrate it."

"Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."


Teri H said...

God is showing you some really neat things! Keep listening! And sharing...

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