And there was dancing, and singing, and movin' to the groovin'

This morning, I turned on the 70’s music station to keep me company while I do housework.  I want to finish as much as I can today because I have a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow at 8:00 am, and I’m not sure how “uncomfortable” I’m going to be after that. 

The music was too good to resist, and pretty soon I was rocking out in the living room, much to the dog’s apparent amusement.  Ha – like he has any rhythm.   I’ve always loved to dance… it reminds me of being at Boston’s on the Beach with Andre and Taylor back in my single days.  We’d dance all night – just me and my two best guy friends in the world.  I remember doing the Chicken Dance at Oktoberfest with Katherine too when she was very little and loved to dance with her mom.  I can’t help but wonder when I’m going to be feeling good enough to dance like this again.  I want to remember to do it every chance I get.

After I got my diagnosis, my friend Kathy was the one person I really wanted to talk to.  We’ve been friends for more than twenty years, but had lost touch for the last few, right after she was finishing up her treatment for breast cancer.  Kathy and I have done just about everything together – working at the same job, dating, shopping, French lessons, marriage, kids – and now, if I could find her, I knew that she would help me do cancer.  I knew that she would understand my fears and anxieties, and that she would be the perfect person to laugh and cry with, and to celebrate the fact that we are both alive today, no matter what happens tomorrow. 

I found her through You Tube of all places, and left a message for her.  She called me yesterday, sounding just the same as always, and my heart immediately swelled to ten times it’s normal size.  It was like we’d never been apart.  She gave me some chemo tips, advised against a wig (they’re uncomfortable, and as Kathy says, hair is overrated anyway), and talked about our seventeen year old daughters.  Kathy also told me something I’ve been thinking about since yesterday.  She suggested that when I pray, or when others offer to pray for me, to ask for specifics.  I like the idea of focused prayers very much, so I thought that I would start journaling here about what my prayer specifics for the day are.  If you would like to pray for them (and me) too – I’d be ever so grateful.

Prayer specifics for today:
       that my cancer has not spread to my bones or elsewhere in my body
·         that I will be able to be productive after my biopsy tomorrow and move through the discomfort
·         that I will feel up to going camping with the girls this weekend
·         that I will not freak out too much about chemo
·         that I feel like dancing a LOT more before I leave this world, and that I am able to

Okay… had to get up and dance again – “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love” by Barry White.  And half way through, I found myself reaching up to Heaven and singing it to my Father – Lord, I can NEVER get enough of your love.  You make me dance and sing, and you own my heart. 


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