Yawn... stretch.... what day did you say it was?

Woke up Saturday feeling good.  We'd planned a trip to the mall with Katherine and her boyfriend.  I needed to find an outfit for David's holiday party at work, and Katherine was wanting to try on a coat she thought she might want for Christmas.

I found the outfit pretty quickly, checked out Katherine's coat - very cute; we'll order that online since they didn't have her size in the color she wanted at the store.  We had lunch at the food court, where I made Colby trade me some of his gyro for some of my stromboli.  I'm noticing a weird taste to things lately - kind of metallic and off.  Even water tastes strange.  The gyro was particularly good, but by the time I was going to make him give me some more, he'd already finished it.  Darned teenage boys.

After lunch, I was starting to slow down a bit, so David and I sat and people watched for a while so that Katherine and Colby could shop some more.   It was nice to have some quiet time with him, and nothing needing to be done by either one of us but enjoy the other's company.

I did take a quick peek into the Christmas store, which was conveniently situated right behind where we were sitting.  I picked up something for Katherine's ornament collection, and saw what I am convinced is the weirdest, creepiest Christmas ornament in existence.  It is a bare-chested, suspender wearing fireman with the tail of a mermaid - er... merman.  Don't believe me?  I found a picture of it online - ha!  Prepare to be totally weirded out.  Or... to start singing "It's Raining Men" if that's your pleasure.

Told ya.

Anyhow, we got home at about 4:30 pm, and by 5:00 pm I was sound asleep.  Woke up at about 3:00 am to let Fred out and then slept until 8:30 this morning.  Nearly 15 hours if you're counting.  And yet I've been exhausted all day today.  I sure hope this passes, because there's a busy week ahead.  Last week when I saw the surgeon, I decided to go ahead and get a port a cath implanted in my chest to make chemo and bloodwork easier.  I have  bloodwork at the oncologist on Tuesday, pre-op for the port on Wednesday, trip to Greenville for Thanksgiving on Thursday and then hopefully nothing on Friday.  On the 30th, they'll do outpatient surgery to put the port in.  I'm tired again just thinking about it.

Focused prayer requests:

  • more energy
  • that my sore throat and sinus symptoms will go away
  • for David's Uncle Bobby who passed away yesterday after his battle with cancer


*Brittany R said...

I always ate Taco Bell after chemo =] It was the only thing I could taste.

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