Vintage Goodness - Day Five

And now for something different! I do occasionally fall in love with things that are not glass. Like this nifty camera. It came complete with it's leather case, which was in pristine condition, but for the fact that the strap had worn through and broken off. The rest of the case looks brand new.

This is a Spartus Full-Vue camera, circa 1947 - 1950. It has a Bakelite case and gorgeous Art Deco detailing. Unfortunately, I can hear some glass moving inside, and I suspect one of the internal lenses has come loose. It still looks great in my craft room though, and reflects my love of scrapbooking and vintage photos.

Vintage Goodness - Day Four

More kitschy goodness today, in the form of this little sweetie pie:

I can't tell you anything about her, since there are no markings on her anywhere. I had to have her though, because of her cute face, and those charming roses. Doesn't she have beautiful eyes?

Vintage Goodness - Day Three

I decided to mix it up today, and not do another glass/kitchenware post. Today we're doing kitschy, and it doesn't get more kitschy than this:

Is she not the cutest little mademoiselle EVER? She lives in my craft room, overseeing everything from her perch on a shelf. She's what's known as a spaghetti poodle, because of the technique used to add texture to her legs, tail and ears. These poodles were often connected to their puppies by a chain attached to their collars. My poodle has the loop where the chain was at one time, but alas, no chain and no puppies. She's a bit of an empty nester like me! I've named her Monique.

Vintage Goodness - Day Two

Here's some more Fostoria Americana - a set of four beautiful pedestal glasses. I don't know the correct name for them - I really need to get an identification guide so that I can start cataloging what I have, as well as finding out the proper names for all of the pieces.

Won't these be pretty filled with fruit salad or an ice cream sundae? I picked them up on the same day that I found the ice bucket I showed you yesterday.

Vintage Goodness

I have been finding some wonderful vintage pieces lately! A new thrift store has opened up here in town, and I seem to find something wonderful every time I go in. I am always on the lookout for pieces to add to my collection of Fostoria Americana depression glass, as well as other kitschy things that may catch my eye. For the next few days, I'll share some of what I have found.

This little beauty is a Fostoria Americana ice bucket. So sweet! Yes, I absoulutely DO use these pieces! For me, life is a special occasion, and you should have all of the beauty you can find in each day. I can envision this ice bucket holding lots of things - perhaps even ice! Wouldn't it be gorgeous filled with Christmas ornaments? Guest soaps? Greenery?