Hair today...

I knew this was going to happen and I thought I was well prepared for it.  Still, when I noticed hair falling onto the pages of my book as I absently ran my hand over my scalp, it was a little surprising.

I'd firmly stated that I was not interested in getting a wig when we discussed hair loss at the oncologist's office.  I planned to rock my bald head - to celebrate the death of cancer cells that would take my hair with them.

That's still my plan.  And yet, the sight of those hairs was shocking.  It took my breath away.  I didn't cry then... I carefully closed my book and brought it upstairs to David so he could document the loss on film.  Then, as David held my hand I teared up, trying to shake it off and failing.

I'm re-thinking the wig now.  I won't wear it all the time... it's just that there are times I might want some hair.  Times when I just want to blend in and look like everyone else, and not be Cancer Warrior Wendy.  A little security blanket of hair, if you will.


byHisgrace said...


But I know that you rock no matter what you have on your head!


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