And playing the part of the Bride of Frankenstein...

Another day, another surgery.  This makes three if you're counting.  Which I am.

I got my port put in yesterday so that I don't have to keep getting stuck every time I have chemo or a procedure or a blood draw.  It was an outpatient procedure done at the surgical center by the same doctor who did my lymph node biopsy.  I like his neat, precise stitching so I decided to let him cut me again. It's not like I had anything else planned for the day. (Like eating, which I did not get to do until about 4:30 pm).

The port, which is properly known as a PowerPort, is triangular in shape, purple in color, and about the size of a small matchbox.  It is a catheter that is implanted under the skin of the chest and inserted into a blood vessel. That's where they will put in a needle to give me chemo or to take blood.   I also got a nifty key chain and a purple rubber bracelet to go with the port.  These are to remind me to tell my docs I have a port.  You know, just in case I should forget that there's a big purple thing stuck in my chest. They told me that I would be able to see a small bump under my skin where the access point is, but I still have the area bandaged, so I haven't seen anything yet.

What I do know is that this sucker hurts worse than anything they have done to me thus far.  The memory of the procedure itself is lost somewhere in the land of Versed.  I remember nothing.  What I feel, however, is pain.  Ow.  I'm glad they put the port on my left side instead of my right, because I can barely lift my left arm.  And today is better than yesterday.  I have a big bandage from my left armpit, up to my shoulder and across to my cleavage.  There is no hiding it under anything but a turtleneck, and I could not possibly care less.  There's a big wad of bandage peeking out of the neckline of my shirt.  Only slightly more distracting is the odd one-handed hairdo I created this morning.  The right side looks normal, but I couldn't really reach the left side, so it's looking a little (lot) flat.  Whatever.  I didn't shave my legs this morning either, in case you were wondering.  Please - do not email me and ask me out.  I know I sound irresistible, but I am married.


David said...

You are married and absolutely spoken for, bandages and all.

*Brittany R said...

Awh.. Yeah I remember I couldn't move my arm either. I only wore turtlenecks and really high necked shirts for like 2 years too. I wouldn't care now though lol

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