The Christmas Party

Yeesh!  I was just looking back over some older posts to see where we left off, and boy howdy is that an unattractive picture of me back there!  Apparently when I am semi-conscious and lying down, all of my neck fat slides over to the side in a big bunch.  Bleah.  Oh, well -- you've all seen it by now, no sense in deleting it.  I DO look better when I'm awake and upright.

Anyhow.... when we talked last, I was having some problems with a pinched nerve in my leg.  I found that as long as I didn't try to do too much, it was manageable if painful.  Last Friday was David's Christmas party for work and I rested up so that I'd be reasonably pain free, because I did NOT want to miss Casino Night.  We went, we gambled (not for real money) and we had a ball.  I played roulette perched on a bar stool and hit on lucky number 27 (my birthday) at 35-to-one odds!

We ate delicious food and I got to discuss deep cerebral issues with Mr. Biggs, who also shared with me a wonderful iPhone app that I was previously unaware of, but that is so useful in SO many situations.  (I love talking to you, Jeff - you always make me laugh!) I also got to meet the lovely Stephanie who told me that she reads my blog and loves it!  Thanks, Stephanie - you made my night.  I'm so glad they didn't card you at the door and find you were under age!    Also - a shout out to Dan, who arrived late because he was at an event for the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society - I wish we'd had more of a chance to talk, and thanks so much for raising money for the cause!

By Saturday, the pain was back with a vengeance, and I could no longer get out of bed or to the bathroom by myself.  I wasn't sleeping well - every time I moved, the pain woke me up.  David was due to go out of town on Monday and we were both a little concerned about how long I might be able to go without peeing, eating or moving while he was gone.  We figured that 18 hours was likely to be pushing it a little.  I'd called my family doc's office Friday morning, and was told that they couldn't call in a prescription without seeing me (although the doctor had just seen me that week and we had just discussed this issue), and couldn't see me until Monday.

David took a chance and called the oncologist's office.  One of the docs in the practice (not my doctor) called us back and SAID THAT HE WOULD SEE US IN THE OFFICE ON SUNDAY.  Yes, on Sunday.  I am overwhelmed and amazed at the level of care that the Carolina Blood and Cancer Care center provides.  I don't know if cancer patients everywhere receive this kind of care, but they should.  I am blessed indeed.

Dr. Patel met us at his office on Sunday morning.  He was thorough, gentle, kind, caring and every other good adjective I can heap upon him.  Upon examining me, he determined that I do have sciatica; probably aggravated by one of my chemo meds - Vincristine.  He started me back on some Prednisone and gave me a prescription for Lyrica.  I'm still in pain, but I can get out of bed again, and trips to the bathroom have once again become a solitary activity.

Dr. Naidu and I talked on Tuesday when I went in for my second round of chemo.  He asked if I wanted to continue the Vincristine or try something else.  I opted to go for one more round of it before making a decision.  I want to see how well the pain is managed by the Prednisone and Lyrica before changing what seems to be the best treatment protocol for my condition. I can deal with some pain if it's for the greater good.


ElissaCPA said...

Wendy, you are such an inspiration! I love that your posts can make me laugh AND cry all in one sitting. My thoughts and prayers are always with you, and I know you will come through this! I am so looking forward to seeing you guys in a week or so. Still looking for you to give me a date/time

Love you,

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