They could've danced all night...

Well... Colby could have, but Katherine, as she will tell you, does not dance.  Funny, but she used to.  I have fond memories of her enthusiastically doing the chicken dance, the Electric Slide or whatever else you were willing to get out on the floor and do with her.  She won a dance contest at the cheerleading banquet when she was in fifth grade.  You could take her to a wedding and she'd dance with anyone - with everyone!  "I was little then." she would tell you if you brought this up.  She's not little any more and now she does not dance.

So... she and Colby went to the band dance in all their finery.  And Katherine spent twenty minutes texting her mother.  And trying to get the chaperones to let her go outside and get her Chapstick.  Because apparently her lips hurt real bad.  Ah, mad youth.  That's why it's best left to the young.

She sure did look pretty though.


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