I Want It All! (an invitation)

When it comes to craft supplies, isn't that how all of us feel? Like we just have to have everything out there? Unless you have an unlimited budget, that's pretty much out of the question.

I recently signed up under my friend Shelly to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. They were having a fabulous promotoion, and offering so much stuff at a great price that I just couldn't resist. Now, when I signed up, I knew I didn't want to do home parties. For one thing, I've done it before and I just didn't enjoy it (another company, not SU). For another, I can't drive at night (cataracts) and I get really, really freaked out when I have to drive to an unfamiliar place. So... parties were pretty much out for me.

Still, I liked the idea of being a demonstrator, and I really wanted to do Shelly proud and be the best downline ever. So... this morning, inspiration struck. (Stick with me, this does get more interesting!)

I would start a group of ladies (and maybe even gentlemen) who, like me, want
all of the ribbons and all of the buttons, and all of the other wonderful stuff that Stampin' Up! has to offer. I would offer that group of folks the opportunity to do a "share". That's where "x" number of people sign up, each pays for a share, and each gets a little bit of all of the ribbons, or all of the buttons, or all of the paper. This way, if there's a color or supply challenge you want to do, you can be sure you'll have just enough of everything on hand to be able to participate. I'll be sure to offer shares on all of the fabulous new SU stuff as soon as it's available so that you can get it right away.

Sound like fun? I thought so too. So... I have created a Yahoo Group called Stampin Up Shares just for this purpose. I'll be announcing the first round of shares tonight. Want to join in? This is your official invitation. There are no minimums, no limit to how much or how little you must participate - just jump in when you see something you like. Click the purple Yahoo Groups box at the top of the sidebar to join - I promise it'll be fun. I'm planning lots of surprises... gifts, give-aways and more.


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