Bloggy Excitement!

Okay... here's a bit of gushy fandom. I love, love, love Tina Smith's Cherry Hill Cottage blog. I've been reading it for a good long while now. There's always so much there to fuel the imagination - it makes me smile every time I visit.

Anyhow, the blog is listed on my sidebar as one that I follow. I was looking at changing things up on my blog, and worked up the nerve to e-mail Tina to see if there was a blog button for CHC that I could use on my blog.

And... she e-mailed me back! No, there's no button, but Tina Smith e-mailed me!!! And she said..... (dramatic pause).... she said she thought my blog was cute! Wow. What's next -
Kristina Werner calls me up to say she likes my cards? A girl can dream...


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