See my new plate?

Isn't it pretty?  I found it at TJ Maxx yesterday on clearance for $3.00.  This plate and the cherries I got the other day at Target are inspiring a red and white china hutch decor.

Here are the cherries - in a container I also found at TJ Maxx for $3.99.  It has a little chip at the top, so I turned it so that the chip was on the side - you can't even see it!
I commented that this middle section was looking a little empty and my friend Heather suggested I hang a picture there.  I am shopping the house to see what I can find.

Here are some more of my treasures:  an old Better Homes & Gardens Cook Book that fits the color scheme, my vintage typewriter, a pitcher I got years ago on clearance for $4.00 and my pretty mama bird with her baby - a gift from my friend Crickett.

Here's the whole thing... for now.  I don't think I'm done tweaking yet.  On the dining room table, you can also see the pretty Farberware wooden napkin holder I also found at TJ Max for um.. I think it was $3.99. 
Anyhow... that's my project for the day - hope you like it!  (I'll share a picture of my fabulous new "retro" melamine butter dish later!)


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