Have a seat!

Yep, have a seat - 'cause I'm going to be sitting too!  I think this last chemo hit harder than the ones before it, or just built on the damage that the others had done.  I find myself really tired, weak and worn out.  I'm sitting down to do pretty much everything now... folding laundry, cooking.  I was sitting on the floor at the library the other day picking out books - there were some good ones down there on the bottom shelves!

My exercise regimen consists of me dragging myself from one room to the next, doing whatever chores I can perform while sitting down (or standing for brief periods of time - like to make the bed) and then resting before I tackle the next chore.  I'm not really able to walk Fred any more; I just don't have the energy.  David and Katherine have been good about doing that, and his dog daycare has been a Godsend - a wonderful place to help him blow off some of that excess energy.  He is learning that if he wants me to play ball now, he has to come and put the ball into my hand so I can throw it.  I think he's a little frustrated that he can't just throw it in my direction any more, but he's being understanding.

I'm not sleeping well lately - I'm having pretty severe pains in my legs at night, and they wake me up about once an hour or so.  The ankle that I broke 10 years ago is hurting now too - throbbing worse than when I broke it.  I think it's the Vincristine attacking the weak and already damaged areas.  I would love to get another epidural, but insurance has denied the last one so we are fighting them on that.  I'm not going to be getting another one until/unless we can get them paid for.  I'm taking the pain meds that the orthopedic surgeon prescribed, and they're helping a little.  I just don't want to keep taking them for the long term.

Thank goodness for Lowe's Foods - I can do my grocery shopping online and have David pick it up on his way home - it's already bagged and waiting for him.  I found a coupon code online and didn't have to pay the fee for the service - a nice savings.

Only three more chemo sessions to go - my next one is tomorrow and Wednesday.  I'll have another PET scan after that, and if all is well, then two more chemo sessions and I am finished!!!

Focused prayer requests:

  • clear PET scan
  • remission
  • relief from pain
  • successful appeal of insurance claim for epidural


Anonymous said...

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”- Joshua 1:9

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