My day so far...

Go to oncology office and sign in.
Get called to front desk and told I do not have an appt because I cancelled it.
No I didn't.
Yes you did.
No - I didn't - I need to have my bloodwork done.
You had that done last week.
I know.  I have it done EVERY week.
Oh, okay.  Have a seat and we will work you in.
Get into room to have blood drawn and sit down.
Realize I sat in doc's chair instead of patient's chair.
Burst into tears for no reason. 
Switch chairs.
Continue to cry after nurse comes back and while she draws blood.  No idea why.
Continue to cry as nurse leaves to run my blood.
Still crying as doctor comes in.  He puts his arm around me and pats my shoulder.
"We'll blame it on the chemo" he says.  Okay.
Go to orthopedic surgeon's office.
He has not seen me in 10 years, so I fill out new paperwork.
See surgeon.  I have no reflexes due to chemo.  Weird, but he says that's normal.
He says he does not want to do surgery; thinks I will do better with a cortisone injection in the spine.  They will call me to schedule.  I ask if I can have something for the pain until I get the injection.  He says "Sure - what do you want?"
Tell him I do not care as long as it makes the pain go away.
He writes Rx for Vicodin.  I should have told him I've always wanted a sports car.
Go to Target.  Turn in Rx and wander the store.  Find cute lamp for kitchen.  Find a smaller lamp for kitchen.  Even cheaper.  Might be too small.  Not sure.  Get paged to pharmacy.  Return to pharmacy.  Doctor dated Rx for 1/12/12.  They cannot change it because the prescription is for a controlled substance. Purchase small lamp and leave.
Go back to surgeon's office and wait for new Rx. Carefully scrutinize Rx before leaving. Take it back to Target. Get batteries I forgot the first time.  Pick up all Rx's.  Drive home.  Take printer ink cartridge out of pharmacy bag.  This is not mine - have never seen it before.  They charged my HSA card for it.  Need to take it back.  Not today.  Take Vicodin.  Sit down to read email.


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